Celine Noiret - Czech Porn Star aka Olivia Weston, Olivia Fezy
Celine Noiret
Country: Czech
Birthday: March 11, 1982
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 175 cm
Boobs: Natural
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Eromax Interview:

What makes you to start working in porn?
I really like and enjoy sex and I like company of other people and in porn I can find both and that is what I like.

Where and when have you ever been in porn set and how was is for you?
First time I saw porn set it was Eromaxx DrunkSexOrgy party, it was kinda shocking for me and I had different feelings from it.

What was your very firs shoot and how was it?
My very firs work was also for Eromaxx and it was a lot of fun for me, so it makes me continue with this work.

How long are you already in porn and how long you plan keep doing this work?
It is four years already and I am not sure how long I will do that, probably long time I still have a lot of fun!

What was your job before and why did you change it to porn biz?
I used to work as waitress and I changed it because of money and people around and also how I say I have much more fun doing porn .

What was your best and the worst experience from porn set?
My best experience was definitely gang bang – all these guys only for me !!! And the worst one, well I didn’t have any yet!

How do you like girls, do you have sex with girls also in your private life?
In private I prefer man but I like working with girls, it is cool for me and something different to make my sexual life more interesting.

What kind of man can definitely turns you on and who is your favorite male actor in porn?
I prefer dark skin man – Italian type, South Europian guys. My favorite actor is George Uhl, I like the way how he works and also he really is very professional which I appreciate.

Do you have some boyfriend? And what does he thinks about your job?
Yes I have a boyfriend and I can say he is absolutely cool with my job, sometime he work also with me.

What about your family and friend, what they think about your work in porn?
My family is cool with that and I don’t care about others because if people have problem with that, they really cannot be my friends.

What kind of scenes you like the best?
I prefer vaginal sex and my absolutely favorite is piss action.

What was the crazies places where you have sex?
I had sex in taxi, going through Prague and also I had some crazy fuck in disco club.

What is the difference for you between sex on camera and your private life?
I do the bast on camera and I also do the best in my personal life , it is natural for me.

What about your hobbies, how do you spend your time off?
My biggest hobby is sex, sometimes I like just relax and watch TV and I also like go to nice dinner with my boyfriend or my friends.

What about your plans for the future, family, work etc.?
I don’t really plan right now, I think I want to stay around porn biz anyway.

Big kisses for my fans! Celine Noiret